About visions and goals

During certain times of the year people seem to be naturally driven, or at least culturally motivated to re-evaluate their inner world. In times where we slow down to rest, celebrate life and re-connect with nature and family, thought patterns change and we allow time for reflection. This double-edged sword can create great opportunity for personal growth or may orchestrate nasty inner conflict. The first can lead to exciting new directions in thought and behaviour, discovering familiar paths of rest and allow the person to develop a new way of thinking about their visions and goals. The latter can lead to self-doubt, self-reproach and judgement.

In order to enhance our wellbeing it is paramount to have clear vision for our lives. A vision is what you would like to ultimately achieve in a specific area of your life, but can also be a wider perspective regarding the general outcome of your life. To move towards our vision, we need to have goals. Goals are the steps we take to achieve our vision.

Confusion will enter your world if you have goals that are not directed by a vision. You end up being busy and driven, but feel that little makes sense in the process. A vision without goals simply remains a dream. No actions are taken and no result is forthcoming.

Here are some thoughts on what can happen when we become clear in terms of our visions and our goals?

It redirects our efforts. We find that the taking of action is no longer vague, but the immediate behaviour now tends to make sense in terms of the long term outcomes that are part of the vision. The here and the now makes sense, even if I am not enjoying the current situation. I can continue to direct my energy towards the current goal, because the goal is connected to my vision.

It legitimises your future goals. As soon as your vision becomes clear, a better understanding of what you should be busy with can crystallise. The steps towards your vision should make sense to you and you should feel that they are deeply connected to you personally. Ownership of your vision and goals clarifies the paths and leads to a sense of wellbeing as you are approaching successful goal attainment and vision fulfilment.

It inspires creative wellbeing. As you clarify where you woud like to go with your life, creativity can now become an integral part of your process. You can experiment with individualised ideas about how you could reach a short term goal and feel the satisfaction of knowing that it was your own idea. Wellbeing increases as we allow the creative part of our brain to be activated. Creativity entails such a wide variety of actions and thoughts that each individual can partake in this process on their own terms. New thought patterns can be established which will enhance the experience of moving forward with one’s life.

It increases relationship enjoyment. When a person starts to experience emotional wellbeing, based on feeling really connected to one’s own life, the quality of your relationships will improve. People who are actively seeking their own paths towards their visions are more likely to be happy and motivated and will relate to others in a more positive way. If you start to share your goals with the people in your life it leads to greater transparency. It is also a way to remain accountable to someone whom you trust to help you with objectivity and evaluation.

It leads to better psychological health. Having a vision helps us to connect our inner world to the outer world. What I dream of, hope for and strive for can now become visible and practical when it is connected to goals. Goals have outcomes, time lines, expectations to be met. My inner world becomes visible as the puzzle of my vision is built piece by piece by attaining the set goals.

A greater sense of wholeness is experienced. As we connect the dots that lead to the vision the bigger picture of my life transpires. I can begin to see the whole picture with more clarity. The subjective experience is one of feeling less fragmented, less broken and less out of control. A sense of wholeness can starts to grow as the fuller, more detailed picture of my life starts to unfold.

A vision and the subsequent goals cannot be set apart, kept separate or exist in isolation. It is a process that needs both components to functions effectively. The outcome can only be reached successfully if the union is healthy.

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